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Custom Writing Services: Market Overview

Market identification
Custom writing services market is a sector of the e-commerce industry. Custom writing services are fee-based.
Market size
The precise size of custom writing services market is unknown, though some rough estimate could be made. The number of competitors in the market approaches nearly 200. It is also known that around 30 percent of organizations in the industry have annual turnover amounting to $120,000 approximately, whereas other 70 percent have almost twice as low annual turnover. Total market size is estimated at $10,800,000 annually. The size of the market in relation to the economy is yet unknown.
Segmentation is the process of allocation of particular homogeneous sub-markets within a heterogeneous market. A market is a multitude of sub-markets that have similar motivations.
In the case with the market concerned, segmentation is interpreted as follows. Companies that operate within the market could be divided in accordance to specialization differences into such categories: (a) generally-oriented companies; (b) particularly-oriented companies. Generally-oriented companies are those that produce custom-written papers on a wide variety of topics. As a rule, such organizations hire writers representing different specialties or simply those able to perform on appropriate level in one or several fields. Companies ascribed to another organizational category usually operate within a narrower framework. In the market there are companies that offer custom-written papers exclusively on math, physics, sociology, the African-Americans, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, etc.
Other products and services offered by the industry representatives include proofreading and editing services, and pre-written papers.
It is noteworthy that there are companies in the market that offer both custom-written and pre-written papers. This, however, may have nothing to do with violation of ethics, but what about privacy of those students who previously ordered a custom-written paper, which might have been later re-sold to another student?
Growth speed
Growth rates of the market are varying over the time. Thus, in 2000 there were nearly 25-30 companies offering custom-written/pre-written essays, term papers, cases studies, and other types of research papers. Over the 5-year period the number of companies in the market grew up to nearly two hundreds.
The leap in growth rates of the market is noticed to take place in 2003-2004 when sudden change in pricing occurred. The number of companies in the market increased almost 30 percent and now estimates around 80 companies. This leap was probably caused by the tendency towards ecommerce solutions being new to hoards of entrepreneurs in a number of developing countries like India, Ukraine, Poland and other countries. Companies headquartered in these countries began offering similar services but with lower fees as compared to those located in the U.S., Canada, or Australia. More on pricing policies see in Pricing.
Today, market's growth speed is rather low as the market is full-fledged due to a variety of services offered by market participants.
Geographical distribution of services
It is worth mentioning that the researched market is a subdivision of ecommerce industry. This gives ground to conclude that either products or services produced by industry's parties are of intangible character rather than of tangible. This especially concerns custom writing services market, which offers its customers intangible products delivered to them mostly via email.
It should be clear that no matter where a company holds its general/backup office, it operates worldwide.
The only principle that regulates geographical distribution of custom-written papers is linguistic attachment. Among major countries using the service are: the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and some European and Asian countries.

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Admission Essays - The Ticket to College

Each year millions of high school students apply for college. The hopes that something they learn in the next two to eight years will guide them into a fulfilling career of their choice is what drives students to filling out that initial application. Most students will tell you that they have anywhere from two to ten colleges on their list; each ranked according to caliber, educational standards, and excellence. While the most ambitious of applicants share a similar grade point average, test scores, and extracurricular activities; the thing that sets them apart from the rest is their admission essay.
The essay is the one part of the application that is the most defining factor to gaining an interview with the prestigious college of your choice. It is more than a summary of who you are and the things you have accomplished thus far in life; it is the map a student presents for themselves and their life, to the college. With acceptance rates decreasing as schools loose government funding and pull the ropes tighter on their expectations, you can bet that a person must display the highest caliber of life expectations and goals in order to be accepted.
There are three key parts to an admission essay - where you have been, what you want to do, and where you are going. While not every person has a Cinderella story of their life, if you want to impress, you will need to have lived. Showing a passion for life and the things you have accomplished should be the main focus of any admission essay. It is not enough to have been valedictorian and head of student government; a person must possess the leadership skills, innovational thinking, and the burning desire to make a difference. The applicant that will be chosen is one that jumps off the page with excitement for the things they will do in life and their short and long term goals. A solid admission essay should also demonstrate a problem and the ways the applicant would like to solve it.
The United States Education system uses admission essays as a way to raise the bar for their applicants. The words written on those pages display the difference between someone who is applying because they feel they should and the person who belongs on that campus. Colleges look to add students that will challenge professors, educate with other students, and start a revolution for a better future. These applicants are the next CEO's of a major economical company, the future Presidents of the United States, and the minds that will lift free enterprise from the gutters and restore a solid America.
The opportunities that are available within the United States are unmatched by any other country. Even as a college student a person has the opportunity to travel the world through study abroad programs. The life experience and education that you gain will lead a person to the future they desire. While rigorous at times, each educational milestone is simply one step towards a better, brighter future. The education system is a bridge to the future with the admission essay being the rope that ties it to your past.

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How to Use Online Education Portals to Score More Marks in CBSE Exams

Classes at schools and private CBSE tuitions aren't the only ways to learn and score more marks in your CBSE exams anymore. Online education portals are catching up here in India too, with quality websites being set up here by big media companies. They offer a ton of useful contents and features like CBSE question papers from past exams, sample papers and video lessons. They are the true modern companion to a student's hard work and studies. Using the features to your advantage is easy, and the results are more than worth the time and effort. Here are some of the features available with a typically good education portal, and how to best utilize them to score more marks:
Video Lessons: Video lessons are one of the best ways to learn your concepts and theories with crystalclarity. Using the most modern 3D and 2D animations along with examples set in real life scenarios, they elucidate students in a way that most teachers fail at. Watching these video lessons for half an hour at least each day should help you understand your lessons better and retain whatever you learn for a long time too.
Exam Resources: Good education portals act as homes for a huge amount of exam resources like past CBSE question papers, CBSE sample papers and question banks. These resources are great for familiarizing yourself with the CBSE question patterns and act as last minute reference to the important lessons and questions just before the exams.
Online Tests: Along with CBSE question papers and CBSE sample papers, online tests help you calm those pre-exam jitters. Taking them regularly should train your nerves to get more acquainted with the pressure of exams. Also, you can also get real time performance reports so that you can identify your weaker areas and evaluate them.
NCERT Solutions: These are detailed solutions to the questions found at the end of every chapter in NCERT books. Somewhat like the CBSE sample papers, but with detailed insights on the lessons learnt from each chapter. These can be doubled up as homework help too; you can use them to quick checks for your homework.
Course Plan: Whatever class you're in, you can download a detailed course structure so that you can get easy access to the entire list of CBSE sample papers, CBSE question papers and other resources suitable for you. Using them like the index to your dictionary should make things simpler and faster when you study.

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Essay Paper Writing: Building An Introductory Paragraph

in general, an essay is structured in three parts -- an introduction, the body, the conclusion. Think of the introduction as a single paragraph designed to introduce the thesis statement. Often persons build an introductory paragraph before having developed an effective thesis statement indicating less than the most effective organization of thinking about the topic of a paper! In this article, using an example thesis statement, the development of an introductory paragraph for an actual essay assignment is described.
In a cultural diversity class the author had an assignment to write an essay to "...review a current article that discusses or illustrates the portrayal of some aspect of cultural diversity in U.S.society." One current article which appeared to meet the assignment directions concerned black officers in the U.S. military -- it illustrated an aspect of cultural diversity in U.S. society. So the general topic of the proposed essay became "A review of a current newspaper article that discusses black officers in the U.S. military illustrating an aspect of cultural diversity in the U.S." This statement of the general topic of the proposed essay serves as the basis for the first sentence in the introductory paragraph. The first sentence of the example introductory paragraph might be something like "The media addressing some aspect of cultural diversity that was selected for this paper is a newspaper article discussing black officers in the U.S. military." Notice how this sentence clearly states what is the general topic of the essay which IS the main point of the introductory paragraph. Also notice how words from the assignment directions are used in this sentence -- communicating to the essay evaluator that the writer is paying attention to the assignment directions.
For the example essay paper assignment, one thesis statement developed was "Regarding black officers in the U.S. military, the author in this essay presents performance examples of these officers, then describes programs in the U.S. military to promote black officer candidates, and then explores challenges still facing black officers in the U.S. military." Notice how this statement begins with communicating the general topic of the paper followed by the presentation of three main points to be addressed in the essay using action verbs (presents, describes, explores) to identify what the author intends to do with each main point in the essay. For the most effective organization of thinking for an essay, stick with focusing on three and only three main points. This thesis statement becomes the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. So the statement of the general topic is the basis for the first sentence and the thesis statement is the last sentence in an introductory paragraph -- what's between these two sentences?
Although there are many resources available via the Internet describing how to build paragraphs, this author uses a simple four-sentence method for constructing a basic paragraph. In a basic paragraph, first sentence, often labeled the "topic sentence," states what is the main point of the paragraph. Second sentence provides some evidence that demonstrates or supports the main point. Third sentence describes for the reader how the writer understands the information provided in the second sentence DOES demonstrate or support the main point stated in the first sentence. Since the first three sentences DO communicate the main point of the paragraph, provide evidence to support or make that point, and explain how the evidence provided DOES support the main point according to the writer's understanding, then by the end of the third sentence, the point of the paragraph HAS BEEN MADE. Therefore, sentence four is designed to communicate to the reader that the point of the paragraph has now been made AND introduce the reader to the main point of the next paragraph. This four-sentence structure may be used to develop the three main paragraphs in an essay (and any subparagraphs for the main paragraphs) as well as developing the introductory paragraph.
Using this four-sentence structure to build the introductory paragraph, start the paragraph with a statement that clearly communicates the general topic of the paper. The topic statement developed for this example assignment as indicated previously is "A review of a current newspaper article that discusses black officers in the U.S. military," so a possible first sentence might be "The media addressing some aspect of cultural diversity that was selected for this paper is a newspaper article discussing black officers in the U.S.military." Notice how this sentence clearly communicates up-front to the reader what is the general topic of the essay and it clearly communicates to the essay evaluator the author's understanding of the assignment!

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Is There Ever a Good Reason To Buy Essays?

If you're a student then you know that you seem to be needing to get more done with less and less time. From school, to jobs, to extra curricular activities, to friends, there just seems to be no end to the amount of things that are vying for your time on any given day. This, of course, includes getting essays and term papers done. Depending on your course load, you may be wondering if cloning yourself is a viable option! Another option that may have crossed your mind is to buy essays. But have you considered the ramifications of doing so?
With the increasing volume of information that seems to pervade our daily lives, you may be thinking that to buy essays is no big deal. After all, there are many famous people that used others ideas for inspiration right? Of course, the key word there is inspiration. When you buy an essay you essentially are buying someone else's work that you will then use as your own. This is a problem on two fronts: first, of course, when you get caught, you will lose the grade, the course and may even be kicked out of your school, or if you're in university, you may have to face a disciplinary board. Second, you are depriving yourself of the chance to learn something new and interpret it based on what you know and what you find out through research. With the competition for information jobs at an all-time high, you need to be able to think, and write, critically as there are many more people in competition with you. Each time you successfully write an essay, you grow both in your intellect and in your vocabulary.
Something else to consider is that if you buy essays, you may not be getting quality work. After all, what's the point of buying them if you have to rewrite them and fix errors? That defeats the purpose. Finally, consider for a moment that ultimately, buying essays does nothing to further your academic career and once you're found out, you will lose trust not only from faculty, who could have helped you, but also from family. The risks in this case certainly outweigh any possible reward.

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Six Simple Tips For Publishing Your Academic Journal Article

Here are six tips for getting your academic work published in a peer-reviewed journal:
* Don't try getting your article published in a journal that does not cater to your topic. If you do not already read the journal regularly, find a copy and understand the types of articles they publish. Then make sure that your article fits that standard.
* Pick a journal and then cater your article to it. Make sure that your manuscript cites several articles from the publication. Pay attention to the editorial board and make sure you cite several of those authors as well. Many of those peers review your manuscript.
* Don't forget to check for submission guidelines. The journal may have a specific article length they look for, ways they want your information to be cited, whether or not they would like you to write an abstract or not. Not following these guidelines is an easy way for the editor of the journal to reject your article.
* Edit! Do not submit a paper full of grammatical or English-usage mistakes. Editors often use typos and grammar errors as an easy way to put papers in the reject pile. Find a colleague to edit your paper or a professional academic editing company. Every writer makes mistakes, so make sure that someone else catches those before submitting your paper.
* Find a unique angle. Being familiar with the journal can help you understand whether your idea has already been published. Be specific with your topic, don't stray too much into other ideas or topics. Be focused.
* If the journal requires a query letter first, and not the full article, make sure to grab the editor's attention with your query. Include information on the subject of your article, specific length, and when you would be able to submit.

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Most Widely Used Academic Writing Styles

There are various writing styles being used worldwide. These writing styles are divided into two basic categories which are formal and informal writing styles. The academic writing is a bit similar to other styles of writing like professional or business writing. The academic writing falls in the category of formal as it is impersonal. It usually avoids conversational or casual style. It avoids informal vocabulary or contractions. The academic writing style is objective as it does not use the direct references for the feelings and people. It emphasizes on facts and ideas as well as the objects.
Being good in formal or objective writing is not enough to be a good academic writer. That is because you are required to write technically. For different disciplines you have to use a different approach and a different style. The same thing goes to the structure of the discipline as well. For different disciplines, you are required to use the proper and most relevant writing structure. For example, some disciplines require short and precise sentences, whereas some disciplines require the use of proper explanatory sentences which can be longer as compared to the other disciplines. Whenever you are going to complete any of you writing assignments, you have to take care of all the relevant factors.
Each of the academic writing styles has its own importance and these styles are equally being used by the students in the respective areas of writings. The effectiveness of a writing style varies from assignment to assignment. You cannot use the essay style for research paper or other assignments. Each of the style has its own features, layout and structure. If you want to write an effective assignment, you have to take very good care of all of the features, layout, structure, grammar etc.
There are some common and extremely important factors of academic writing styles you should know about.
1- In the beginning of any assignment, you are required to create an objective. You should use the third person to explain all of the relevant issues or matters. It means that you should not use "I". The use of third person shows that you are being objective.
2- You have to be very careful about using the right tenses. You have to be very clear that you are going to discuss something that has already happened in the past or is it about the present or future.
3- In order to write an impressive assignment, you should use appropriate language, not just for your purpose but for your audience as well. You should choose your words very carefully as the academic writing has to be complicated. It should not include any elements of formality.
4- A reader expects you to be clear and concise about what you are writing. Your words depict how clear and concise you are about the idea or the topic you are writing on. You have to make sure that every word you write poses a right impact on the reader.
5- As an academic writer, a reader expects you to use the language sensitively in order to make it effective.
6- You should not express your strong opinions too directly.

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Enhance Your Tuition Assistance Program - The ABC's (and D

Moving a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) from an untracked benefit to a strategic investment is a goal for many Training and Development departments. Articles in some of the recent HR or Training journals show how enhancing the TAP can save tuition dollars, make decisions with strategic reporting and even align the TAP to career development or talent management.
Here are the ABC's and D first steps to enhance the Tuition Assistance Program:
• ADMINISTRATION. If the TAP is manually administered and in-house, you may want to think about outsourcing this function. Using valued employees for tedious, clerical functions is a waste of time. The outsourced administration companies, also known as Educational Management companies can move the TAP to an Internet based, 24 X 7 access, with online or Help Desk customer service and reporting functions.
Outsourced Tuition Assistance Administration can be either reimbursement or disbursement. A Learning Directory will list all the degree programs, schools and majors supported by the company and can handle multiple sites. Some of the typical reports include Expenditure Report, Transaction Report, College Providers, Trends and some specialized strategic reports to help make additional decisions about Tuition Assistance Program changes.
• BENEFITS. Outsourcing your TAP to an Educational Management company can help move this program from an untracked benefit to a strategic investment. Consultants from one of the Educational Management companies can help review your company's Tuition Assistance Policy, outline the advantages of reimbursement or disbursement, and help align the program to career development or talent management.
Other benefits of using an Educational Management company would be to reduce fraud by reviewing grades, documents and tuition statements. The Educational Management Company can also provide College Fairs and other marketing to help boost the level of employee participation.
• COUNSELING. Educational Counseling or Academic Advising is another benefit of using an outsourced Educational Management company. Advising can save tuition dollars and help employees select the best school and degree plan by focusing on goals, background and skills. Trained academic advisors can help employees who were educated outside the US and unfamiliar with the US education system. Trained academic advisor can help employees who have not completed their degree by showing them educational options that will save them time off their degree plan. Trained academic advisors can help employees balance life/work and school.
• DISCOUNTS. The Educational Management companies have partnered with community colleges, state and private universities, online colleges and for-profit universities to provide 5% - 20% tuition discounts. These discounts can save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars off the total reimbursement spend per year. The Educational Management consultants can also partner with local schools to bring degree plans, certificates and training programs on-site.

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